Air sterilizer

That is not only a huge problem in the food processing industry, it is also well known in waiting rooms of doctors, pharmacies, public waiting rooms, modern office buildings where microorganism are spread through the air or ventilation systems.

 A very effective solution to decrease the microorganism level in the air is the irradiation with UV-C. Microorganism are eliminated through the UV-C light.

 The room air is blowed with a fan through the sterilization tube, in which powerful UV-C lamps are located. By passing the UV-C light the microorganisms are killed. The exhausting air is almost free of microorganisms.

 With the environmental friendly method it is possible to clean the air without any harmful chemicals. The content of bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. in the air can be decreased dramatically.

The application of the DINIES Air-Sterilizer is almost without limit: food production, storage rooms, cooling rooms, waiting rooms of doctors, pharmacies, public waiting rooms, kindergarten, modern offices, etc.

Air sterilizer UVG80
UV air disinfection an a simple, elegant design. A decorative element, which should not be missed in any modern clinic.

The UVG80 is a very efficiant air sterilizer to reduce the viruses such as corona virus, SARS-virus, influenza.
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